My mother always supported me.

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March 27, 2020
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My mother always supported me.

My mother always supported me.

Stunned among the guests, loud cheers among the people of Munich, Alaba and Thomas Müller. “” Manu has been playing sensationally for over a year, “” said Flick, “” when the opposing strikers approach him, the goal gets smaller and smaller. He’s got insane reflexes. We had a world class goalkeeper between the posts. I’m really happy that he’s in this form. “” Otherwise Bayern wouldn’t be in the knockout round early.

Against Salzburg, his team “” had too many unnecessary ball losses “”, complained Flick: “” We have to minimize our mistakes, these are the issues I’ve always addressed. “” His team could “” make life a little bit easier make it easier. We’re making it a little too complicated at the moment. “” Especially in the first round, the Munich team were often too “” careless “” and “” unfocused “”. You have to stand differently on the pitch. But Flick sometimes finds it difficult to get through to his series winners, as he admitted: “” I’m 51 games here, we’ve won 46. What do I want to say to the team? “” Robert Lewandowski had with the lead through his 71.

Goals in Europe’s top league paved the way for Bayern – only Cristiano Ronaldo with 131 and Lionel Messi with 118 goals are even better. An own goal by Maximilian Wöber (52nd) and a header from Leroy Sané (68th) made the decision. In addition to the sleepiness of the defense, there was also the dismissal for premier class debutant Marc Roca (66th). “” The yellow-red card was unnecessary, “said Flick. “” But he can be satisfied with his debut. “” Safe on the ball, convincing in structure, something could develop there.

A good and new finding for Flick, who still needs a strong alternative for Joshua Kimmich for some time, but that evening they all talked about Neuer. Also in Salzburg. In Salzburg too, of course. “” He’s amazing, the best goalie in the world, “said coach Jesse Marsch. “” He has so much control, understands the game, the rhythm, he’s great, a great goalie. “” Well, this insight is not new. Source: “You can hardly avoid your attack on the ears : Ava Max. (Photo: Charlotte Rutherford / Warner Music) If you turn on the radio, you can’t get past Ava Max, her songs like “” Sweet But Psycho “”, “” Kings And Queens “” or “” Who’s Laughing Now “” run in a continuous loop.

With “” My Head My Heart “” is followed by the next catchy tune. But it might sound familiar to some – sometimes a new star appears in pop heaven – and you don’t really know where he’s coming from. In the case of Ava Max, one can say so much: the 26-year-old has Albanian roots, but was born in the USA and grew up there.

As a teenager, she made the decision to enter the music business. She experimented with platforms like Myspace and Soundcloud and eventually caught the attention of record companies. In 2018 she signed a contract with Atlantic Records. And her first single is already a mega-hit – first in Europe, then in her home country USA. “” Sweet But Psycho “” conquered the top of the charts in numerous countries, including Germany. So far, so ordinary. Pop stars like this one are almost produced on an assembly line these days.

But Ava Max is far from being a one-hit wonder. On the contrary: anyone who turns on the format radio has not been able to ignore her songs for two years now. Regardless of whether it is “” So Am I “”, “” Kings And Queens “” or “” Who’s Laughing Now “” – Ava Max pays the listener a constant loop. “” Was released in September with Heaven Hell also “” is the singer’s debut album, on which many of her catchy tunes can be found, if not all.

Ava Max explains in an interview with that she didn’t want to mop up on her first long player. “” That’s why the sad songs didn’t make it onto the album. “” For example, songs like “” Freaking Me Out “” or “” My Way “” are missing, even if they are a bit more leisurely than usual colorful pop cosmos of the singer, but it doesn’t exactly bring tears to your eyes. Does an artist like her today still need a complete album as a form of expression? “” It’s great to have such a vessel for your work. And it’s nice to share that with the fans so that they can listen to the songs from beginning to end, “” Ava Max gives prophecies of doom, saying that the age of albums is actually over for artists like her, a rejection. Her parents came as an immigrant to the USA (Photo: Charlotte Rutherford / Warner Music) Ava Max provides several explanations for the fact that she has managed to make her pop star dream come true. The first is rooted in its roots.

So her parents came to the United States as immigrants. “” They came here because it’s the only place they could both do three jobs each. You literally haven’t slept. They came home, slept for an hour, and then went back to work.

They did that for years, saved money and bought their first home, “” recalls the singer. A lesson from which she drew her conclusions. “” You taught me that if you work hard for it, you can go anywhere. They said to me: You can do it in music like this “”, Ava Max says in an interview with But without a certain talent, even the hardest work does nothing, which leads to the second explanation for the musician’s success. “” I always sang at home. For my neighbors or my family. They met in the living room to listen to me. My mother always supported me.

We sang together. And when I was 14, we moved to California! “” Said Ava Max. It would be a few years before she was to gain a foothold in the Mecca of the entertainment industry. According to an anecdote, the moral support of superstar Pharrell Williams helped Ava Max. The singer puts that into perspective with a laugh. “” It was at the Miami airport.

I was still very young – maybe twelve or 13. He just stood there. My mother said, ‘Come on, go there.’ So I am with him. That was a crazy moment.

He just told me, ‘Just do it!’ But I don’t think he remembers me. “” More than once, Ava Max emphasizes the ubiquitous support of her mother, who sings operas herself. “” She really helped me a lot. “” However, her wish to have her mother involved in her album fell on deaf ears. “”She did not want. I just couldn’t persuade her, “” admits Ava Max that she had to surrender at this point. The singer doesn’t want to back down when it comes to a strong self-confidence as a woman in the pop circus. “” If all of the kings had their queens on the throne, we would pop champagne and raise a toast “” (“” If all kings left the throne to their queens, we would decapitate the champagne and make a toast “”) is called it was already in her hit song “” Kings And Queens “”. In “” So Am I “” it is about “” not being pigeonholed and how important individuality is. Because of its message, it’s one of my favorite songs, “” says Ava Max. With this message, the song has also achieved a certain hymn status in the LGBTQ community. It’s also these issues that Ava Max addresses, and not just her flashy outfit, that regularly bring her comparisons to Lady Gaga.

But she has absolutely no problem with that. “” That is of course an honor, “” she explains. Does Peter Schilling think it’s an honor that his “” Major Tom “” has found influence in the Ava Max song “” Born To The Night “”? Not the only time that the singer has sampled a piece of pop history and given it a new look.

Also her latest song “” My Head My Heart “”, which was released last week and is making the radio frequencies glow again, should bring back memories. To do this, she finally grabbed the 90s Eurodance hit “” Around The World “” from ATC as a template. Before she can travel around the world again, one must first wait for the corona pandemic to end. But, Ava Max leaves no doubt about that, then she will also attack our eardrums live: “” I can’t wait to go on tour. “” Source: “Even if the Christmas spirit would have suffered, a real lockdown might have been the better option to get through the winter lightly. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) An extended partial lockdown with somewhat more stringent measures should reduce the incidence of new infections from over 140 to 50. Given that, again With increasing numbers, however, this goal appears to be hardly achievable. And even if it succeeds, everything is far from going well. At the end of the day on which the RKI counted the most Covid 19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, the federal government and states agreed the “” Corona timetable for the winter “”.

An extension of the partial lockdown, a little more contact restrictions and possible tightening of horror incidences are to reduce the nationwide incidence to 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week by January. Today the RKI reports almost 22,300 new infections, yesterday it was around 2700 fewer, on Tuesday there were just under 17,000 cases. The Germany-wide 7-day incidence has been hovering around 140 for more than a week. How can a significant turnaround be possible with so few additional measures? And even if the incidence of 50 should be reached sometime in January, that would not mean that the health authorities would have the situation under control again. Virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit does not believe that the new Corona timetable will lead to the hoped-for goal . Of course you could reach that number at some point, “” if we all lock ourselves in, “” he said yesterday evening in the “” Phoenix Round “”. ““ But that’s just not realistic. ”“ Virologist Melanie Brinkmann puts it more cautiously.

She is “” not sure whether the measures as decided today are actually sufficient to push the numbers down in a shorter time and not in an eternally long display, “” she told Deutschlandfunk. “” I would have liked to have achieved this faster and, as I said, I am not sure whether it will succeed. “” Physicist Viola Priesemann agrees. “” If we don’t take rigorous action, we will need well into next year to get the number of cases really down, “” she told Deutschlandfunk. She advocates a short, tough lockdown, including school closings. Because then you are through and can loosen up a lot more than you now allow with the “” soft lockdown “”. In order for the number of new infections to decrease significantly, the reproductive number R, which has already been discussed so much, must decrease.

It states how many people an infected person infects on average. In the summer, R was pretty bland because the values ​​were so low. Now, with a lot of new infections, the number is quite relevant, even if it is ultimately an estimate. To have an indication of how difficult it is to bring the incidence to 50 by January, the Covid simulator from Saarland University a good tool. If the new measures do not have any additional effect, he calculates an incidence of just under 134 for January 4th. However, if the R value were to remain constant 0.9 from tomorrow, the incidence would fall to 85 by the first Monday of the new year.

In this scenario, the 50 incidence would be reached sometime in early February. The RKI currently estimates the 7-day reproductive number to be around 0.9. The 7-day value is more meaningful because it compensates for daily fluctuations. 0.9 means that new infections are going down, but too slowly.

That means R has to go down even further. Assuming that the measures decided yesterday would work so well that the value will be constant at 0.8 within a week. In this case, Germany would have achieved the shutdown target in mid-January.

If R permanently dropped to 0.7 in two weeks, it could hit 50’s incidence around January 4th. Viola Priesemann also considers this value to be necessary in order to reach the goal so quickly. The simulation with different R values ​​is of course quite inaccurate, since, for example, continuously decreasing reproductions and fluctuations cannot be taken into account. But it shows well that the 50s incidence cannot be reached as quickly if the number of reproductions does not decrease significantly, but this is obviously not the case at the moment, as the curve showing the development of new infections shows. You can see that the increase has stopped, but no trend reversal has yet been discernible. Instead, a stable sideways movement can be seen, which suggests that R has not yet moved far below 1.

The value could actually be lower, since a new infection is only registered several days after the infection, but the incidence may have decreased even less than the values ​​indicate. Because the RKI adjusted the test strategy at the beginning of the month because the capacities had reached their limits. Since then, fewer tests have been carried out, which means fewer new infections are registered.

For this reason alone, the incidence – apparently – fell in November. It is not known exactly how big this effect is. One clue is the positive rate of the tests. It rises because mostly only people with clear Covid-19 symptoms are tested, i.e. people with slight or no signs of the disease fall through the grid. Last week, the positive rate reached its highest level to date at around 9.4 percent.

Nevertheless, RKI boss Lothar Wieler assumed in a press conference on November 18 that the number of unreported cases would only “” increase “slightly”. Studies had already shown that the actual number of infections was around four to five times higher than that registered, said Wieler. This would suggest other values ​​such as those of hospitalized patients. This makes sense because the number of unreported cases could be very low in the case of severe disease processes, but the number of unreported cases could also be significantly higher for another reason.

Because the health authorities have largely lost track of what is happening in the infection, they can no longer track or trace many reported cases. As a result, they find far fewer infected people, and whether this will be the case again at an incidence of 50 is doubtful.

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